Go Green! With Nature’s Nutrition Super Greens

Go Green! With Nature’s Nutrition Super Greens

Nature’s Nutrition Super Greens is a powerhouse supplement providing an alkalizing, whole food blend of fruits, vegetables, probiotics, greens and reds, which helps promote health and vitality. Super Greens combines the complete nutrition of organic fresh fruits, veggies, grasses, berries, algae, mushrooms and super foods in the convenience of a powdered drink mix. Super Greens boasts a whopping 50 whole food ingredients to help provide the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients and enzymes necessary to support optimal health.

Additionally, this refreshing low-calorie drink mix may support proper digestion, boost energy levels and immune health, while also helping to satisfy hunger.

Adding a green juice like Super Greens to your diet also helps your body absorb nutrients from leafy greens and veggies easier than it does when you have to chew them. Your body has to break down food to obtain nutrients, but with a green juice, all the nutrients are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream so you benefit right away. This is one reason some people say that green juice curbs cravings – because the body is getting the nutrients it craves right from the get go. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals when it comes to blood sugar, sugar cravings, general fatigue, and irregularity. Plant-based foods are loaded with magnesium, so when you consume green juice, you’re getting in a large dose of magnesium right away, versus having to chew and process tons of food at one time to obtain it. Other minerals like calcium and potassium are also quickly absorbed through green juice rather than when chewed.

Each serving of Nature’s Nutrition delivers an advanced, nutrient-rich and satisfying shake to enhance overall health. Enjoy as a convenient drink mix to jump-start your morning, healthy snack between meals or nutritional boost before exercise.

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