Overindulged? How to Fight Acidity in the Body

Overindulged? How to Fight Acidity in the Body

During the holidays one tends to overindulge in highly acid-forming food and drinks. Alcohol, bread, cheese, chicken, coffee and black tea, eggs, fish, nuts, processed cheeses, beef, bread, cereal, milk, pork, rice, pasta, potatoes are all high-acid forming foods and yes, for most these form a huge part of your daily diet. So how exactly can you check if your body is too acidic, why is an acidic body an unhealthy one and what can one do to alkaline ones system?

Let’s start with how the body’s pH balance influences the risk for osteoporosis, sarcopenia (muscle loss), fractures and kidney stone formation—and possibly diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid problems, cancer and other insidious conditions.

When the body’s fluids become too acidic, minerals are pulled out of bones and tissues to compensate—leading, in the long term, to thinner bones and lower muscle mass. Overly acidic tissues also make one susceptible to inflammation (a known risk for many chronic diseases), impair enzymatic reactions in cells and overload the lymphatic system, impeding the body’s natural detoxification process.

You can use pH testing strips to check your acid levels. We highly recommend Biolife Nutrition pH Testing Strips which are simple self-test strips that allow you to effortlessly determine your pH level in the privacy of your own home.

Biolife Nutrition pH Testing Strips test the pH level of both urine and saliva, providing a pathway to maintaining a healthy alkaline balance.

If you are prone to gout and other acid-related illnesses then it is important to re-evaluate your diet. Including more leafy greens and vegetables, reducing alcohol consumption and increasing water intake are all very important. You can also use a supplement such as Biolife’s Alkaline Base powder.

Biolife’s Alkaline Base powder can be used to neutralise acid levels in the body and maintain a healthy alkaline level. Biolife Alkaline Base powder contains Aquamin Soluble which is a natural calcium source produced from mineralised seaweed. The seaweed is harvested from the seabed off the north west coast of Ireland from clear, pollution free mineral rich Atlantic waters.

Biolife Alkaline Base powder is Sucrose-free, Gluten-free, contains no added flavours or artificial colours and is suitable for diabetics and vegetarians (Bovine/Porcine-free).

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