Moisturise and Vitalise

Nat Mur moisturises the cells and tissues and distributes water in the body. It promotes vitality and eases melancholy and dispiritedness.

Another must in the first-aid kit, it helps at the onset of colds, allergies, it reduces swelling and soothes insect bites, burns and sunburn.

With Kali Phos, it helps to shift despondency and revitalise body, mind and spirit.

Nat Mur is indicated to assist:

  • Predisposition to insect bites
  • Grief, sadness or tearfulness
  • Swelling or water retention
  • Dry, itching or weeping skin
  • Hay fever and sneezing
  • Colds and flu with watery nasal discharges
  • Cold sores 
  • Diarrhoea or constipation with dehydrated stools


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