DNA Derma-Psor is a scientifically formulated combination of powerful nutrients to help unclog your liver and help eliminate dangerous toxins that form from alcohol, prescription drugs, household chemicals, processed foods and more. Derma-Psor helps the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels, promote healthy weight loss, maintain balanced blood glucose levels and promote clearer, younger-looking skin.

DNA Derma-Psor contains:

Milk Thistle Extract (Silymarin 80%) can help your liver replace dead or damaged cells and effectively repair itself!

Artichoke Leaf has been used for centuries to enhance healthy bile secretion. Without bile, your liver can’t properly break up cholesterol and other fatty molecules. Curcumin removes dangerous toxins from the liver and stimulates the production of bile.

Burdock neutralizes most poisons that enter the liver. It soothes irritated kidneys and enhances urine flow!

Dandelion Root. Helps filter toxins from the liver and kidneys. Dandelion is a natural diuretic that can increase urine production by promoting the excretion of salts and water from the kidneys and helps keep optimal water balance in your kidneys encouraging healthy electrolyte balance in the blood.

Oregano prevents tissue damage and encourages healing in the liver.

Amla. Regular use of pain killers, antibiotics and medication, and regular intake of alcohol, all cause toxin build-up in the liver. Amla helps strengthen the liver and rid the body of these toxins. Studies have proved that Amla has properties that protect the liver from oxidative damage caused by chemicals or alcohol.

Each 400mg Vegi-Cap contains Milk Thistle 120mg; Curcumin 50mg; Oregano 40mg; Artichoke 50mg; Burdock 40mg; Amla 50mg; Dandelion 50mg; Bioperine 2,5mg. Contains no preservatives or fillers


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